Thursday, 22 August 2013

                                          Lazy Whippets after a long run in the park. 

                                  chilling by the monument with miss Charlie Tuesday gates
                                                    beautiful day with a lovely gang
                                                            wilf and malcolm sharing
                                               Hamish being very excited to see Heather

                                                 most hansom guy in the world
                                            off on my Honey moon and birthday hoilday in mexico
                                         Beautiful pink blossom boom in victoria park
                                              stunning blue skys for a blue whippet
                                           Victoria park at its best
                                           Hamish having his own picnic
                                          Could never resist this face, LICK
                                        Budding new love with Dolly
                                         'Im watching you"
                                           'Bored now' perhaps another walk please
                                        this is Hamish's best friend Danny, hes a sweetheart
                                            Charlie loves a cuddle, just hope hamish does to
                                           Jamimia showing off her ball skills
                                             lucky he doesn't have hay fever
                                             hendricks and his cute box, one of my fav pictures
                                            relaxing with one of our new members, Jess
                                           Another new member, pots aka pots and pans, he he
                                        visiting home, ths is mummys dog ellie belly
                                         ' Hamish behind u, its spiderman'
                          i put them both in there own beds, brush my teeth come back and this is what i find, make some room guys
                                     Sunbathing with my boys
                                      Another new member molly, shes a speedy gal.
                              Hamish has a new friend, hitching a ride
                     looking after florance for the week, here she is taking a dip in my mother in laws paddling      pool
                         playing doctors with charlies  at grans
                             hanging in the tent
                                    waiting patiently of his ball, bless him

Sunday, 3 March 2013


i visited heather last week and had a fantastic time, she's really settling in there
painting, leaning german and cycling about. she's back in a few weeks
which is very good for me, so if anyone needs any new dog walkers 
i will be looking for new dogs soon.
                                         oh and here she is again telling a german dog to sit and paw in german of              
                                          course. sitzen, Pfote

forgot i had this one, its a vizsla fest yay

this is by far the strangest sleeping position yet malcolm.

i had the pleasure of having pip back for one day last week, it was lovely to see him and charlie playing in the park together

                                                        missed his little pal

happy valentines day from the oxo tower x

                                                 happy shrove tuesday, yummy

Just got a upgrade on my i phone eventually, and discovering instagram
is a treat.
                                                   such a hansom boy xxxxxxx